Is there a farm without animals? You'll see them around, and they'll become your friends and the main attraction for the children.



You'll see them wandering free on our pastures or sometimes in the stable on a rainy day. We have about eighty cows grazing in the fields, and another twenty young cows housed in the stables. You can visit them, feed them with fresh grass, but try not to get too close to our huge bull Dado especially if you're wearing a bright red coat!


Come to visit the chickens in their coop near the Reception office, and see if they've laid an egg! Or go to see our pigs in the pig sty or roaming in their woods! (*Pigs are with us only for a few months every year, usually from May to December)


Six cats choose to stay in Barbialla Nuova. You will find many any of them around the Reception but some live at the other houses. Find them, feed them, pet them, play with them, make a drawing of them & bring us your masterpiece. Choose your favorite one and let it adopt you during your stay!


During the day, and sometimes at night, you may meet some wild animal in the property, such as wild boars, porcupines, foxes, deer...