We know that in Barbialla you can get easily distracted; wild boars, deer, porcupines, hedgehogs, and whatnot keep showing up and being attention magnets, caring little for our safety. However, it doesn't matter if you are driving, biking, walking, or crawling....always mind the ditch!!



Francesco took this picture in May, as he was working on one of the antennas that keep the internet connection up and running. It was a cool, sunny day, and the silence was absolute. This land has the power of reconnecting you to your peaceful inner self in an instant.

It's summer again!


Summer in Barbialla means many things, but one of them is certainly jam! After two very dry years, we finally had the perfect spring, and the fruit trees and bushes are loaded with yummy produce. Ilaria is not wasting time transforming them into delicious spreads. Here is a strawberry-lemon in the making...



The once-in-10-year snowstorm that passed over the farm last winter claimed a victim: the straw cover of the pergola of the swimming pool in Brentina collapsed under the weight. We just re-built a new cover and the pergola is ready to shade you from the bright sun of Tuscany. Thanks Marco for your help and company! 



A few of us are living on the farm these quiet winter days, and wild life ventures very close to our houses. The early afternoon we took this picture we were incredibly lucky: this pack of wolves was hunting right in front of our windows.

Wolves spontaneously repopulated the area a few years back (the first ones were seen wandering around in 2014). They happen to be the only natural predator for wild boars and deer, whose population were rapidly growing out of control. Fear not, wolves do not pose a danger to human beings; they shy away from people and are rarely seen, preferring to dwelve in the largest, least accessible woods around the farm. That is why this picture is particularly amazing.

We feel very lucky to live in a place that rare, gorgeous animals like wolves can call home and to be able to share it with our guests.