Hiking around Barbialla

On Sunday, May 22nd we joined the hiking "Il Paesaggio Ritrovato" sponsored by Montaione town hall. 

It was a bright sunny day and our group (around 10 people) met another 80 people (!!) in the parking of Borgo di Castelfalfi. We were led by the environmental guide Andrea Bernardini of the association Ecocerbaie to discover an amazing area: the high valley of Carfalo torrent. It is always a surprise when you discover a part of your land that you didn't know, just around the corner! 

The tour was organized with great attention to everyone's needs and delivered satisfying and fun explanation on some peculiar animals and plants that you may encounter in the area. We walked by a jew tree estimated to be 500 years old and - highest peak of the day! - we were delighted by a flute player leading us on a trip in nature-inspired classical music in two spots along the way, all the way to a concert for flute and harp that took place after lunch break. 

We strongly suggest our guests to join the hiking tours "Il Paesaggio Ritrovato" in their next editions: June 26th; August 27th and 28th; September 11th; October 16th. Their hikes are carefully planned and take you through amazing places totally off the tourist radar.