Le Trosce

Winter time - 2nd act

Dawn winter misty panorama from Le Trosce house in Fattoria Barbialla Nuova

Living in the countryside, it comes easy to follow nature and its rhythms. These days, with the agriturismo still closed, we wake up when the sun rises and go to work in the early morning. This year Le Trosce is getting lots of care and improvements - restoring many of the windows, replacing mattresses, renewing cotto floors, etc. This morning, an amazing scenario was waiting for us up there. We'd like to share it with you.

Le Trosce from the air

Our Photographer, Edoardo Delille, often gives us the opportunity to see Barbialla from a completely different perspective. This is Le Trosce as a bird would see it. 

Il nostro fotografo Edoardo Delille ci offre spesso l'opportunità di guardare Barbialla da un punto di vista completamente nuovo. In questo caso, possiamo vedere Le Trosce come se fossimo uno dei rapaci che spesso ne solcano il cielo.