Barbialla Nuova is the perfect place to disconnect from the daily routine and take a break following Nature's rhythms. At the same time, we offer several experiences that can make your stay unique and memorable. For those who wish to join us for any of these activities, we recommend booking them in advance (just write us an email). Some of these experiences are only available during specific periods, many others depend on the availability of the teacher, which could not be granted.  


Italian Cooking classes in your apartment. Chef at home service.


Italy is not just pasta and pizza. Our chef Serenella leads our guests through the secrets and tricks of Italian cooking. With her guidance, workshop participants will prepare a 5-course-meal, starting from local, organic products. At the end of the workshop you will have a fantastic meal (and plenty of leftovers to carry you through the next day)... all of this without having to leave your apartment. The activities is for guests staying in Barbialla only. We suggest to book in advance as the chef is very busy and she might not be available. #learn #taste #cook


If you'd like to explore the local cuisine within the walls of your apartment, in Barbialla Nuova you can hire a chef. Pick your entries from a tasty menu, and your chef will meet you in your kitchen and prepare a memorable meal for you. #taste #relax #taste #enjoy


And if you’re too tired to cook though willing to enjoy some awesome lasagna (classic or vegetarian), a fresh mixed salad and a tiramisù, our staff can organize a food delivery with 24 hour notice. #taste #enjoy


Almost every season on the farm bears something that can be enjoyed. Each season has its own special gift, for instance sweet springtime strawberries, tart blackberries at the end of a hot summer, and beautiful ripe figs welcoming the beginning of fall. With the guidance of our host Jill, a professional baker, our guests will forage on the farm for seasonal fruit and learn to make products like fruit butters, herb syrups, jams, scones, muffins, tarts, etc… #livenature #explore #getyourhandsdirty #cook

12 km of hiking trails in organic farm


Barbialla Nuova farm is one of the few private places in the area that has its own marked hiking network that stretches for approximately 18 km. For serious hikers, it is possible to start from the farm and move on onto the hiking trails outside the property. #discover #explore 

White truffle in organic farm. Truffle hunts with dogs.


During the fall (from September to early December) our woods are scented with white truffle. Our guests, as well as anyone interested in this activity, can join our tartufaio and his dogs in search of the elusive S. Miniato white truffle. Visit the dedicated page for more info. #smell #discover #taste

A pond with carps and black basses for fishing in wild nature. Mirror carps and black basses fishing in Tuscany.


Our pond is one of the most charming and quiet places of the property. It is stocked with mirror carps and largemouth bass. If you'd like to have a fun time and try your luck fishing, you can rent rods and tackle from the farm shop or bring your own gear if you have it. #relax #experience



The farm develops over a hilly area with three ridges, and to enjoy its beauty by bike it is quite a challenge, fit for bike - and adventure - lovers. We're always happy to help our guests pick the best gear for the task from our bike-rental partner in Montaione. They can deliver bikes directly at the farm. #discover #explore #adventure 

Food and wine in Tuscany. Organic products.


In a few selected days throughout the year, we like to offer our guests the opportunity to taste the natural, organic, local products at our farm shop. It is a wonderful occasion to chat together, share stories, meet the neighbors. Furthermore, if you are a small group and feel like having a pizza night or a private tasting, feel free to contact us and we'll gladly organize such events. #taste #enjoy #relax



If you think that our farm is the good place for your wedding or for any other celebration, go to visit the dedicated page. #dream


Barbialla Nuova is a perfect starting point for day trips to art cities or medieval towns surrounding the farm. At the check-in we provide a booklet with many ideas to scout the area and make sure you don't miss experiencing the surroundings. #explore


We found out (although we suspected that) that Barbialla Nuova is a natural amusement park for kids. Playing with dirt, rocks, leaves, climbing trees, walking in the woods are all unforgettable moments for our little ones, who get to experience nature first-hand. However, even for them we selected a few experiences inside Barbialla Nuova that can contribute to make their trip unforgettable. 

Guests can check if the chickens have laid any egg and feed the animals


The farm hosts many animals (both domestic and wild). Our little guests are welcome to check the chicken coop for eggs, give fresh grass to the cows, bring fruit and veggies to the pigs and spend sometime living the farm everyday's life. 

Common area in Brentina with ping pong and barbecues.


In the common area at the house of Brentina our guests will find a ping pong table, for the little ones as well as for the grown-ups! Brentina also has a swing placed in the shade of a large fig tree. In most of the common areas you will find bocce balls, while at the reception desk you can ask for a set of Koop (the Viking's game)

Black cat on a yellow sofa in the Tuscan countryside


Six cats fluff up Barbialla Nuova. They're extremely social, and used to be pet by kids and grown-ups alike. 



Since 2017 we created a little art gallery online for kids. Our little guests are invited to bring us a drawing depicting the animals of Barbialla Nuova. All the masterpieces will be published on our website, blog and Facebook page. 

A relaxing, lovely place to spend your holidays. Swimming pool with a view.


In the hottest months, the swimming pools are THE place for all the young ones staying at the farm



Even the little younglings can have a great time in the kitchen: our chef offers simplified cooking classes for kids. Pasta, gelato, meatballs and tiramisù are just a few of the options available to them, and at the end of the class the whole family can share what the kids prepared. The experience is for families staying at the farm. Minimum age for children without parents: 4 years old.



In a backpack, carrier, or on their own little feet, the kids enjoy walking in the woods. On our map you will find a description and difficulty of every single hiking trail and choose the most appropriate one for your kids.



Sometime parents need their own space. We collaborate with some English speaking women who will be happy to baby sit your kids while you are enjoying a dinner out or spending the evening in the thermal baths. 

Giostra piazza repubblica.jpg


Tuscany in general is a great place for kids, and has a lot to offer to small adventurers. In the booklet we provide at check-in, you will find many ideas that will contribute to a memorable holiday for your children.