Our farm is based on the classic Tuscan custom of holding the land in deep respect. Certified organic for more than 20 years, we do not use any chemicals and hold the well-being of both animals and the land in the highest regard. That helps us produce an extraordinarily high quality of meat, olive oil, white truffles and honey. In every decision, we attempt to strike a balance and take into account the development of the entire property, rather than concentrating only on profit. We consider the land to be in continuous transformation and treat the farm as a living organism.


Just under half of the property is dedicated to cultivated fields and grazing; the other half is covered by oak and poplar forests. In contrast to the cultivated areas where farming accentuates the typical green rolling hills, the age-old woods of Barbialla Nuova are an extraordinary refuge for deer, wild boars, hedgehogs, badgers and other woodland animals, as well as for various species of indigenous trees. The deepest parts of the wooded valleys are where you will find calanchi – unexpected walls of sand and clay that soar to peaks of up to one hundred meters in height – and fossils of shells from the sea of the Pliocene era (2.5 - 5.5 million years ago). In the damp valley floors of these forests grow the precious white truffle, 'tartufo bianco'. The estate is one of the few areas in the world in which the Tuber Magnatum Pico are found and, consequently, we have created an exclusive reserve dedicated to enhancing and monitoring this extraordinary 'fruit of the earth'. In the forests also are found porcini, chanterelle and parasol mushrooms. The lake, located just a few hundred meters from the farm buildings, is a useful reservoir of water for our cows and has always served as a watering hole for nocturnal animals. Surrounding the lake and throughout the property grow wild blackberries and dog rose. Mulberry trees, remnants of a time when silk was produced on the property, dot the areas around the houses and ruins. Chamomile blooms wild upon the hills; nettle, chicory and calamint can be found underfoot; elderberry trees and sloe bushes are scattered throughout the estate.




Called “the giant cow”, Chianina cattle are one of the tallest breeds in the world. Originally raised to work in the fields, only in the last century have they been bred exclusively for meat. Our herd is pasture-fed. Calves are weaned at 5 months; they are then moved to large open-air stables and fed hay and grain, all of which is grown and milled on the property. They are only given antibiotics if there is a risk of death; otherwise we rely entirely on homeopathic natural remedies. We try to avoid stressing the animals and we insist on having them sent to a local, family-run butcher. In year 2018 we opened a short-chain restaurant in Florence, where we offer all the cuts of our organic Chianina meat matched by a selection of local food.

White truffle hunt in the organic woods of Fattoria Barbialla Nuova.


Resembling little potatoes or stones, the precious Tuber Magnatum Pico, the San Miniato white truffle, is hunted with dogs and dug up to special fanfare. Its strong aroma and pure, earthy taste have made it one of the most prized truffles in existence. The white truffles grow thanks to a symbiotic relationship with white poplar trees, so the health of our forests is of particular importance to us. Maintaining our truffle forests is a continuous process and includes selective culling of various trees. We sell our truffles at the farm shop or at our short-chain restaurant in Florence only fresh within a few days of being found. Click here for more information.

Organic Tuscan olive trees of Leccino and Moraiolo in Fattoria Barbialla Nuova.


As in most of rural Italy, there have always been olive trees in Barbialla Nuova. A mix of Leccino, Moraiolo and Pendolino olives contribute to the production of an intensely fresh and slightly spicy organic olive oil. Our trees are hand pruned in late winter in the typical Tuscan tri-conic method and the fruits are hand-picked in late fall. The plants are fertilized with our own organic cow manure. Once picked, they are pressed under vacuum at 20°C and micro-filtered within three days. In our store, you'll find only the freshest organic olive oil from the past two years in various sizes.


Barbialla Nuova is home to the bees of Alain Mouraret, a local beekeeper known for the excellent quality of his organic products. Aside from regular beehives, he also keeps fertilization cores to produce queen bees on the property. This delicate process takes around two weeks and involves the raising and mating of the queen bees which are then transferred to Mouraret's hives throughout Tuscany. Part of the importance of the process is the continuance of the Ligustica Italiana breed, which is one of the oldest and most important breeds in the continent. On our farm there are anywhere from 50 – 130 families, depending on the season. The honey he collects, which can be found in our store, range from French Honeysuckle to Mixed Flowers to Lindenflower to Acacia.


Near the Reception there's a little organic farm shop. besides the products made in Barbialla Nuova, you can find supplies by organic farmers nearby, who share the same passion for natural, whole, authentic, and delicious food. For outside visitors, the shop is open every morning between 9 and 12:30 AM, between March and December.

eco farm

Besides the care for our land, cultivated according to strict organic guidelines, Fattoria Barbialla Nuova dedicates lots of attention to sustainability and to eco-friendly policies. We have adopted several practices and technologies to make Barbialla Nuova even greener:

Thermal solar panels

Heating through hi-efficiency wood-burning furnaces (the wood is 100% collected through maintenance of our own woods)

High energy-efficiency class for all our appliances

LED lightning

Trash recycling


Maintenance of our own water-system and wells

Use of rainwater for both the livestock and watering of the veggie garden and flower patches

Mindful and responsible management of the farm resources

Eco-friendly cleaning supplies

Organic certification since 1992


Is there a farm without animals? You'll see them around, and they'll become your friends and the main attraction for the children.



You'll see them wandering free on our pastures or sometimes in the stable on a rainy day. We have about eighty cows grazing in the fields, and another twenty young cows housed in the stables. You can visit them, feed them with fresh grass, but try not to get too close to our huge bull Dado especially if you're wearing a bright red coat!


Come to visit the chickens in their coop near the Reception office, and see if they've laid an egg! Or go to see our pigs in the pig sty or roaming in their woods! (*Pigs are with us only for a few months every year, usually from May to December)


Six cats choose to stay in Barbialla Nuova. You will find many any of them around the Reception but some live at the other houses. Find them, feed them, pet them, play with them, make a drawing of them & bring us your masterpiece. Choose your favorite one and let it adopt you during your stay!


During the day, and sometimes at night, you may meet some wild animal in the property, such as wild boars, porcupines, foxes, deer... 


The small community we’ve created on our farm is essential to its success. These are some of the faces you’ll see caring for the place day in and day out.