Just under half of the property is dedicated to cultivated fields and grazing; the other half is covered by oak and poplar forests. In contrast to the cultivated areas where farming accentuates the typical green rolling hills, the age-old woods of Barbialla Nuova are an extraordinary refuge for deer, wild boars, hedgehogs, badgers and other woodland animals, as well as for various species of indigenous trees. The deepest parts of the wooded valleys are where you will find calanchi – unexpected walls of sand and clay that soar to peaks of up to one hundred meters in height – and fossils of shells from the sea of the Pliocene era (2.5 - 5.5 million years ago). In the damp valley floors of these forests grow the precious white truffle, 'tartufo bianco'. The estate is one of the few areas in the world in which the Tuber Magnatum Pico are found and, consequently, we have created an exclusive reserve dedicated to enhancing and monitoring this extraordinary 'fruit of the earth'. In the forests also are found porcini, chanterelle and parasol mushrooms. The lake, located just a few hundred meters from the farm buildings, is a useful reservoir of water for our cows and has always served as a watering hole for nocturnal animals. Surrounding the lake and throughout the property grow wild blackberries and dog rose. Mulberry trees, remnants of a time when silk was produced on the property, dot the areas around the houses and ruins. Chamomile blooms wild upon the hills; nettle, chicory and calamint can be found underfoot; elderberry trees and sloe bushes are scattered throughout the estate.